Your choose: Logic7/HK (677/688) add-a-sub harness/LOC75i

Logic7/HK (677/688) add-a-sub harness/LOC75i


The 480W Logic7/HK harness/LOC75i is exclusively designed to add an aftermarket amp to the OEM amp to power a trunk sub or/and underseat woofers. No OEM wires cut, spliced or tapped. Remote turn on signal included.

Harness plugs in between the OEM amp and LOC converts the high-level OEM amp woofer signal outputs into low-level aftermarket amp signal inputs for a subwoofer or/and to power the under seat woofers.

Kit includes:

  • OEM amp harness
  • PnP LOC75i with signal sense remote turn on 12V signal
  • PnP OEM woofer pigtail for connection via harness


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Please note that Logic7/HK harness/LOC will not work if Logic7/HK OEM amp is defective/malfunctioning; the harness is not designed to replace Logic7 OEM amp.

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