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Technic PnP

Our Purpose

Localized in Central Florida and serving customers worldwide with more than 20 years of experience in everything BMW electronics and audio.

Technic PnP designs and assemble in house all its audio harnesses and cables for total OEM integration, 100% reversible back to stock, and 100% PnP with no OEM wires cut, spliced or tapped.

All equipment, harnesses and cables are tested in our own BMWs before being offered to the public.

Electrical and mechanical compatibilities are measured, matched and implemented as often as BMW update their electronic and mechanical systems on each of their models supported by our products.

Only the best and proven suppliers are selected to provide our parts and products.

All these different development and implementation processes together guarrantee customers satisfaction with OEM fitment, functionality and reliability.

Technic PnP was created with just one purpose: as close to 100% factory audio and accessories integration as possible.
Elias Jones CEO of TechnicPnP

What we can do for you?


100% PnP Connectivity

All harnesses and interconnection systems are engineered to be 100% PnP and electrically matched to OEM systems. No OEM wires cut, spliced or tapped required. 100% reversible back to OEM. No OEM errors or induced defects to your OEM system. 1-year warranty in all our products. Free shipping in the USA.


Let us design your system upgrade

Please contact us for design and implementation consultation of your particular needs of your OEM audio upgrade, all based in the 100% PnP Connectivity fundamentals of Technic PnP